mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

dance of the one wheeled adventurer

I went to church this morning.

April fools.

True story:
While out running errands this morning, I came upon this guy in full cycling gear but he was riding a massive unicycle.

Not massive as in tall necessarily but substantial mostly in the size of it's tire- almost as if it were an off-road unicycle; the diameter of his tire sized for a large truck.

Small guy, older fellow, wearing a mustache as you expect most unicycle riders to have. With his small stature and the surprising size of his wheel, I eyeballed the center of gravity to reside somewhere near his peddles.

The most amusing part of this display was his arms, however.

As he peddled with his might, his arms and hands flew all over the place, out and about, twisting this way and that as he used them in full flail to keep his balance. I watched him glide recklessly down the sidewalk as if he were in some kind of a spastic dance and in his conflicting motion(s) for stability I could almost see a metaphor for life...

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