mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

a glass of tea by any other name

I'd like an iced tea, please.

"Sweet or unsweet."



grrr. no. UN-sweet

After a number of those conversations, I finally began responding, "regular tea."

Today, at steak and shake no less, the guy timidly responded, "I don't know what regular tea is, sir."

I asked him if the tea is sweet when it's brewed but to get the unsweet tea, if they had to remove the sweetener. He believed that the tea was made unsweet and then they sweetened it.

Even then he didn't quite understand that there's actually no such thing as unsweetened tea because the prefix implies the tea once had sweetener that had been removed when in truth it was never there to begin with.

Finally I said, "It's the classic question. Which came first, the sweet tea or the unsweet tea? I'd like the tea that is as it was before you put a bunch of sugar in it...

...and oh, may I have a two packets of equal?"
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