mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

My head is turning inside out from all of the shit I've been learning XML and XSL wise.

I found out today that the parser in IE is to blame for why some of my shit won't work.... even after updating it to recommended and configuring. It's taking forever but I'm enjoying it

I abandoned a lot of what I was doing in an attempt to pull it together in sqlserver 2k. Accomplished in 10 minutes what has taken me 2 days to try to do client side in XSL... The way it looks I'm going to be able to put together this webform in DHTML so that the page doesn't leave when the server is polled. I was attempting to do it all clientside in XSL, again the parser issue, but now it can be all server side with select XML coming to the client. Needless to say what I am picturing is going to be fucking bad ass... user experience wise and most definitely bandwith wise.

At work I have become fascinated with the amount of respect I receive from the pres and the other dev. By comparison I am by far a newbie... my opinions tend to appear to have quite a bit of weight though. If I get a wage increase soon everything will be ok.

Quite a bit going on in the S&P, I will write about it tomorrow when the position is closed. Tomorrow is last trade day before expiration so I have no choice... it's timing out perfectly anyway

I have been truly fortunate and I am thankful for all of the opportunities that have been recently available. Things aren't always how I'd like them to be but I'm doing well at maintaining my vision.
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