mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

five miles to hell and our hand basket is at full speed, captain.

I opened a stock/options margin account and had it funded in under twenty minutes today. I find that amazing because it wasn't long ago when it took almost a week.

There's a publicly traded US company that's installing security cameras and Orwellian infastructure in China (Symbol: CSCT). It's all under the guise of it being to combat terrorism but, considering how this company is helping them implement RFID identification cards that tie in to everything from criminal to financial background, it's the whole "new world order" come alive.

Honestly, it upsets me to no end that people don't revolt against it but it's the same old "for security reasons" bullshit that always makes people comply. Just wait and see- the aluminum foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists' prophecies are about to become true.

Soon we'll likely have A Scanner Darkly security cameras that track our each and every move while ID badges rest in our pockets- the ones that can be wiped out if we piss the wrong people off.

So... yeah... since we're dumb enough to embrace the idea that pseudo-safety > liberty as a species, I'm thinking about getting my last few chuckles o' what's left of my freedom and buying some of that stock for a nice no brainer (in every aspect of the cliche) investment.

With how it gapped up this morning, though, I'll wait until it backs down a dollar or two.
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