mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

pornographic or monotonous, you decide

I invented a new fetish niche.

Of all the crazy shit you see online, it blows my fucking mind that someone hasn't done this yet...

Hot Girls Getting Gas

"See these beauties at the pump, filling up their cars."

It's brilliant- all I have to do is hire women who will let me film them while they pull up to a gas station, get out, pump gas, and drive off as they do in their every day life.

I can release photos for thumbnail galleries.

I can even do video promos that show them getting out of their car and sliding their debit card for authorization to start pumping...

...but right as they go for the nozzle, the clip fades and makes you pay for access to see more.

Hell, I could even make up a name for a disorder for people who get off on watching others put gas in their car. Then, I should send out press releases from a dummy organization that opposes the content of my petro hotties voyeur club site- because of how it feeds depraved minds with explicit fuel filled fantasies while exploiting the innocent at the pump.

I'll have my Ferrari in no time.
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