mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

I took Dave's suggestion on adding green chile to my omlet this morning... I also added some of that frozen pre made fajita chicken. All I can say is wow.

There is something about green chile that blows my mind. Such a deep, rich flavor... occasionally you can find one that's hotter than hell. What an awesome fucking vegetable.

My lil bro had his first day of 6th grade Tues. Had the chance to talk to him last night. It's amazing how much I cannot remember over the 16yrs since I experienced it.

He's doing well. Taken by all of the new rules, new privileges, having more than one class... the kiddo cracks me up. In many ways though I really wish that I had his attitude while growing up. He always seems to take change so well. It hasn't been until recently that I could not see "change" as a dirty word.

I slept for roughly 6 hrs last night. I need more but I stayed up working on the calculation that I was stuck on for the cycles proggy. I think I cracked it. It's at least close enough that it should work. I found a limitation of VB too (one of many I'm sure). I was trying to calculate it in milliseconds and the smallest interval allowable by the dateadd function is seconds. There may be a way around it but I looked and looked and it appears that if you fin wants to do de millis, ya gots to use a lil sompin else.

Ok... time for work. yeehaw.
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