mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Exhausted, watch it go down.

Just got in from an evening at Dave and Buster's. A company thing for schmoozing and some such. I went for the free food.

I had a guiness and a margarita too. Yeah... trippy huh?

Today contained previous days' pissyness met with a midafternoon laughathon at the lame ass's I came in contact with driving home to change.

I was watching the market today- yeah, I can't stay away, I'm worse than a crackhead when it comes to the S&P 500. I had tuned in to bloomberg radio via the web so I could get the lowdown on the Fed's interest rate decision... the market was setting up to tank while up roughly 8pts. The announcement and then the bottom fell out. I rode that bitch from +8pts to -14. Nothing like a 23pt ride in 2hrs to get the blood runnin. Above that though I think I figured out how to better identify a trend continuation v. a reversal... more later on that. Professionals all over the world are thinking, "they cut interest rates, we got what we wanted... but the market still tanked, why?" I'm thinking. "It was time."

I'm thankful for the opportunity with the market today but I'm still not full on back to positive. Yeah, still pissy. No clue wtf is up.
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