mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Apparently what all that craziness was about was garden variety exhaustion... that coupled with the cycle of course.

I feel great today. I haven't been productive at all but that will come in due time. I really considered how much mentally I had been putting into everything before the crash/reboot. Holy bahjeebes... no wonder I spent last weekend in bed.

Really need to assess whether busting ass like wildfire when possible is the best bet- the turtle did win if I remember correctly.

Yesterday was the first day I haven't meditated in I have no clue how long. (Yes, that's actually an increment of time.) I realized that as I was drifting off to sleep. Today was filled with brief moments of focus- about to devote some time to a serious session in a moment.

I've observed my coworkers and the amount of time they devote to the goings on of others. It's exaggerated though since they each share the same circle of friends. For some really odd reason I'm starting to find their looks at me as though I'm from Mars as an accomplishment too. I've been told on several occasions that when the opportunity for me to get under peoples skin makes itself available, I tend to work at it that much harder... I dunno, sometimes it's funny. It's like taking something apart to see how it works I guess. Needless to say I'm starting to understand where those remarks come from. The idea for a personal telephone conversation dealing with subject matter of an unknown as of yet sort kept coming into mind. Something weird enough that everyone in earshot (everyone is in earshot) would react to yet not overwhelming enough to backfire. It would be reallllly fucking funny- watching them watch me, seeing their reactions, etc. provided it was the perfect scenario.

The above paragraph makes it apparent that I've been wasting time... I need to get busy with more important things. 8)

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