mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

So I went to Nicholaa's Sunday and met his family. He lives 150 miles r/t from Dallas in probably one of the two most beautiful areas I've seen in TX. We took a drive through the country side and within a 10 minute period drove through plains, hills, and deep woods. It was mindblowing to see such diversity... had I been blindfolded and taken there, the location being in TX would be my last guess.

So we discussed the trading project. I briefly ran over the highpoints of the cycles research with illustration and examples. Altogether we didn't really accomplish much work, we were able to at least have some great discussion over it all.

His family is cool as hell. His youngest daughter, I believe 3yrs old, amazed me as she had this giggle and smile that truly lit up the room. N's wife told her to come in to meet me so she comes running in and to my surprise gives me a big 3yrold hug. AWWWwwwwwwwwwwwww. Seriously the sweetest little girl, not surprising since her father is a great guy.

The weekend was great. Friday Genae came by after getting in from work... truly awesome that the opportunities made themselves available recently. Saturday I spent laying around and doing little to nothing other than getting mah ride washed. Later in the evening did some work on the cycles proggy and actually made good progress. Happy Hat religiously warn. 8)

This week looking for the market to go down some hopefully... I can't wait for the three day.
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