mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Market went down as expected... yesterday the setup seemed so obvious that it was difficult to not pile on a larger position but I held off remembering that my objective is merely survival... anything above that is gravy. (words written many times before and will likely be seen in the future.) The drop today took care of the ground lost on the surprise last Friday and then some. Daily starting to turn back down, weeklies starting to level from down, 60s trying to diverge but still going down. Cycles - possible reversal late morning Wednesday or possible down into Thurs... it will certainly be interesting to watch as right now thankfully there is a bit of gravy. Holding on for signs of change.

Day went well overall... It's bugging me the lack of productivity coding at work. No clear direction/ no clear motivation... sperts of work here and there but it would really be nice to have a milestone and pass it.

Yesterday decided to get back on eating breakfast and sticking to more proteins... practically passed out after eating too much sugar. This morning back on the breakfast and carried the transition through fairly well the rest of the day sans the cookies... at least though I made myself actually eat.

Lunch conversation was interesting... discussion over the psychotropic properties of some mushroom varieties. Feol has made quite a few attempts at such conversations- I'm hesitant as although I'm very open regarding my past and present, at this place I don't feel as though everyone is open minded enough to not at some point attempt to make it an issue. I understand that my stance on cannabis is known by the pres as Nicholoaa kinda told him when asked if I "had any vices" and he was recommending me - and of course the lunch conversation couldn't help but lead to obvious exposure by all and with all parties involved... still though, although he of the group would be among the most trustworthy, I still sense the need to maintain distance.

Beyond all of the above...

"The reason you have to sign the no compete/non disclosure is so that it is understood that any discoveries while working here is property of the company."

So if we happen do discover another planet...

"We own it."

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