mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
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Credit where credit is due
sustained peace
lots of sun

Stayed up to 4am Friday night working on a spreadsheet. I set up a panel to display actual trades stats. % accuracy, max gain, avg gain, max loss, avg loss, return scenarios, etc. I keep opening the file because I can't believe what I am seeing. 86% contracts liquidated at profitable with an average return on maximum risk of 39 and a quarter percent

The way it works out, figuring max allowed loss per unprofitable trade based on the above percentages shows a figure that is more than twice my currently employed max allowed risk... meaning that at this rate (with quite a bit of room for problems) this experience may last quite a while. I am hoping so.

Spent the weekend with buuubaa and *acy. I had an absolutely amazing time. A lot of fun hanging out, swimming, etc.

I'm excited... things are kicking ass and as much as I am embarrassed to say that this is the first I've kept detailed records and automated stats of all of it, this is a first... I should have done this sooner because it's quite possible I wouldn't of been hit so hard by the week of really bad decisions. Then again though... well, I dunno... mebe the other lessons learned were needed. Regardless, I feel truly fortunate and cannot wait to see how all of this unfolds.

This weekend I have meditated constantly... not particularly intentional but the eye presence stands closely available and is easily called. I would still like to know what exactly happens when all of that goes down- like brainwave, skin... I dunno, but it's a certain very incredible sensation and I'd like a better understanding of it.

Credit card companies crack me up.
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