mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

random hip hop bitchiness

Normally I'd blow something like this off but as mildly irritating as it is, it's really funny in a way...

The Missy Elliot song get your freak on is an insult to intelligence.

Uhhh... why?


ok.. it's crap first off... I'm not looking for substance believe me but it would be nice to have something more than a six note repetitive loop to hook in listeners... second, as mentioned, the song is based on an extremely repetitive six note loop (for it to hook and stay in peoples' heads). Third- toooo many hip hop "allstars" for it to be a decent song. It's almost as though the formula behind the creation of it was closer to "get the fans to watch to see who they can identify while we inject this horribly catchy yet completely lame ass song into their heads!"

I dunno... it's almost insulting- particularly since two hours after seeing 45 seconds of it "donk donk da donk di donk" is still looping through my head. Bastards!

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