mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

the race is over

Wow. That was a shocker (I called it in February)

One thing I truly do look forward to with Obama as President is seeing social shifts in the black community due to his example. Sure, black men will find loopholes in his past as an excuse for his success. They will say that they don't have the opportunities he did when they instead aren't making the same sacrifices to be as resourceful. However, it's about time we had something other than a white male as commander in chief.

Random investments thought: Sell investments in the defense and energy sectors and buy companies in stem cell research, biotech, energy (solar and wind not coal no matter how clean)... and, of course because they're on sale, banking. I'm extremely liquid at the moment because I'm depending upon short term cash flow but stem cell research and banking have some serious promise for the long term- particularly under a democratic administration.

My biggest hope is that people never forget that it's not government that makes us strong, it's us- the individuals. The people; not the programs or benefits or bureaucracy; not the people with their hands out; not even the shell game taking money from one person and a little from the sky to hand to someone else; but the people who dare to have dreams and give up just about everything to chase them.
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