mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

racism response

I'm going to do my best to not enter arguments over race, black presidents making up for slavery, and whether or not racism still exists- I'll just log this here and not waste time moving forward:

1. Electing a black president will never make up for slavery. Nothing will ever make up for slavery.

The reason for this is because, first, the people involved can never rectify their circumstances (as perpetrators or victims) and there's nothing anyone could ever do for someone who's still talking about it to get them to shut up, let it go, and benefit from the opportunities they now have.

2. Racism exists and it always will.

As mammals, we seek out similarities and differences. We bond with others- those with whom we can develop rapport. Birds of a feather flock together, great minds think alike, and so on.

Anyone who ever tells you that they don't experience at least a low level of passive discomfort while being around a representative of a group they aren't normally around (race or otherwise), is either unaware of their personal physiology or concealing their response.

It's natural and a part of our survival response. Until people embrace this reality, they'll never overcome it.

Sometimes I get so frustrated that we are still, as a species, so divided by culture- both in terms of unacceptance for others and our adamant, sometimes spiteful, promotion of our own.

I mean, seriously. Do you think Obama would have been elected if he used slang, had an urban accent, wore his pants low, was covered in bling, or had spinner rims on his jet? Of course not. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been trying for years and the only areas they continually fail are in styles of communication.

It's our duty, if we wish to be accepted, to work toward being similar as individuals as much as we expect others to find the similarities they may share with us. Even teens naturally recognize this and take action accordingly.
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