mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


How it's like when choosing a font for a word... when you go through all of the available fonts when you are wanting a certain look and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the word looks absolutely nothing like what it normally does. It looks different. That's the way I feel right now... Like everything oddly took a visual shift.

Man has the market moved! It's a shame I've been on the wrong side of it though. In some ways I honestly think it will recover quickly. I've been focusing on similar historical periods in the cycles longer term for guidance. Unfortunately the cycles focus specifically on time... not price, the Thursday bottom didn't come Thursday, mebe today? The other indicators say it's still wanting to correct up a bit. Time will tell. It's not exact, at least yet... even then there will still be occasional loss.

I'm trying to remain positive, afterall I have been keeping risk in check so the loss does not have the potential to be debilitating... but that doesn't mean it's fun. I sooo hate loosing- yeah, it's part of playing the game but it sucks! :-)

So what does all of this have to do about fonts and words? I've been looking at everything too closely... Sometimes when you step back away from it, whatever of everything that "it" might be comes into focus and only then do you realize how out of focus everything was. Most of the above only applies to minor things here and there at the moment but they all pile enough to consider giving some attention to.

With all of that said this one isn't over yet... there's plenty of everything available to allow a little longer to see what happens - to see if it follows through or breaks.

I'm tired, maybe write more later.
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