mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

One guy and a bunch of thoughts.

I check S&P futures before hopping in the shower- slated to open +6 this morning... I get out of the shower, look at the television as I dress for work and they are bouncing between -23 and -16 rather quickly... amazingly fast. I turn up the volume so I can hear it and about that time footage of #2 aircraft collision into the tower plays.


This day has been mindblowing. So fucking surreal- A plane hijacking is bad... but four? A plane crash is catastrophic... but four? A building explosion is a disaster... but three? Oh, and lets go ahead and combine all of it... and while we are at it, let's make the buildings among the most symbolic structures held by the most powerful nation

This day will be etched in our minds the rest of our lives... will things ever be the same? No. Will things ever be OK again? They are OK now... Go outside, look at a tree, see the flowers wave in the breeze- they are OK and so are we. But our national ego has been quickly, swiftly indented with the possibilities held by others with an agenda and our unavoidable mortality.

Again, the terrorsists responsible for this action have achieved what they wanted: to have our undevided attention. Like children on a grandeur scale, creating havoc so that the world will watch.

Our first reaction is anger. To be angry and retaliate- To be that sleeping giant just awoken. The key to this is to build back and repair; to pay tribute to our losses and come to terms with what has happened. We must grow from this experience and move even more toward peace or those that have acted- regardless of their outcome- will have succeeded.

I cannot imagine the feelings of having lost someone in today's events of war. I cried as I watched the second tower collapse on live television. Emotionally this is devastating to me as I sit comfortably across the country. Those that are closer to the experience are deeply in my thoughts.

With all of the above in mind I must admit that this day is one of those that I hate being a human... to be a part of such a powerful and intelligent species adept at so many things, not counting comprehension. This amazing mindfuq makes me want to crawl out of my skin
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