mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


Writing code seems pointless at the moment. I'm tired of hearing about all of everything yet am compelled to peruse the news sites.

My email full of powerpoint presentations of disaster photographs, prayer chains, and patriotic stories... and I feel drained.

I'm seeing the trees and flowers move and be OK... my will yet to convince my soul to join them.

"I can't believe George isn't going to retaliate." Words from this morning that left me wondering who the hell was he supposed to point the bombs at- he doesn't know who did it, we don't, so far the only people that know for sure who did it are the people of the group still alive that did. Besides- at this moment the risk of overreaction is too great. Anger leads to lack of control.

Something not seen in any of the population originated propaganda- we got our asses kicked yesterday. Seriously, our military has pulled off some amazing things but what went down yesterday was logistically mindblowing when taking into account available resources; "ours" v. "theirs."

Another question that I keep hearing is, "what have we done to deserve this?" Tracking through my mind is that no one ever could do anything to deserve this but when you are headed by a government that pumps funding into other countries to overthrow elections, oversees assasinations of foreign political figures, and is widely known to sell armaments to military groups overseas- enemies might just begin to pop up.

Through all of this I refuse to believe blindly. I hold myself to the promise of observation.

I am not innocent.
You are not innocent.
No one is innocent.

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