mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

happy Formula 409 day

Oops.... forgot to hit post on this one yesterday...

As a kid, my favorite commercials for a household cleaner were for "Formula 409."

Though I'm sure many of us remember those television spots or even use the cleaner today, the makers of Formula 409 declare this product as "A cleaner powerful enough to dissolve through grease and dirt on contact."

To me, Formula 409 represents tenacity and persistence. In fact, this wonder-concoction received its name from being the 409th formula the inventors of it tested. Had they stopped at 374, as an example, not only would we not have such a fantastic cleaner, we wouldn't be able to hold it in our thoughts as elegantly on a numerically similar calendar day.

Please join me in celebrating this inspiring kitchen surface cleaning agent today- April 9 (4/09).
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