mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Not much going on this weekend. It was a nice rest.

I really think I have a good idea the way tomorrow's trading will go. It's going to be crazy yet at the same time there are two really interesting things countering the tragedy. There's a lot of hope going around and along with it is a "we'll show 'em" attitude. It's all so strong that I have a feeling that I will be watching the market tomorrow like a surfer would a tsunami

As mentioned above, there is a lot of hope. A lot of coming together too. It's really a beautiful thing to watch... the preparation to come to terms and rebuild. Things seem more in perspective too... thankfully no action was taken as of yet.. no retaliation, etc. I was so concerned that a decision would be jumped on that would cause more harm than good. History isn't over of course but at least people have allowed themselves to think.

The participant in me is saddened by the events and the stories of loss and the pain people are experiencing. The observer in me notices some truly amazing things from people as a mass and people as individuals. This moment is a gigantic telescope into the cloud of human nature. Definitely an interesting time to be alive and experience.
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