mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

In 1,111 characters or less

I believe I finally figured out why people have so emphatically embraced twitter.

By paying attention to my response from reading a few "tweets" after a meditation, I noticed how the brevity of a post caused me to spend more time thinking about what was said, imagining the set, setting, perspective, and entire point than I did actually reading about it.

In fact, by a factor of several times.

People enjoy being captivated and tossed into the realm of their imagination. In so few characters, such little is said that people are stuck with whatever they can dream up for themselves.

It's like going to a restaurant and only being served an appetizer before realizing that your waiter ended his shift without any concern for you whatsoever.

You're aroused but left to fend for yourself.

Anyway, I hate to do this but for the several of my lj friends who auto post their twitter feed to their lj...

I love you dearly and I hope we stay in touch but since I can't filter and I dislike reading one sentence disjointed thoughts, I'm likely going to unfriend you. But, please don't take it personally at all.
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