mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


As I was unloading groceries out of the cherokee, hands full of bags, I hear behind me a voice... "excuse me.. ca can you help me?" Turning around I saw an absolutely beautiful woman standing there with a huge box at her feet.

Sure, I'd be happy too, just let me put these upstairs.

I walk over and there is this box, fairly heavy. I carry it in to her apartment for her noticing that she's even more beautiful up close. She thanks me and asks me if I would like something to drink.

No thank you, that's all right. Not thinking of course that that might be my last chance at conversation- particularly with an attractive woman for an unknown amount of time. We introduced ourselves briefly and as I was leaving I asked if she was moving in or out and she said that the boxes were work things because she was starting a new job in two weeks. Out the door I walked without thinking, we quickly said goodbye, I wished her good luck, and I continued the walk back to the apartment thinking...
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