mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Last night's rant really opened quite a few blockages of thought. It made me remember that it is because of me that I have discomfort and how important it is at the moment that I employ the tools that I have learned: Love and Forgiveness.

In meditation the past three nights I've changed things up a bit. Normally when I begin lightwork I start visualizations at the root and go up with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.. pretty much the standard but all too often I become overly aware of the third eye and it becomes all that consumes my attention and I don't really get anywhere with it either (at least over the past month or so).

In the change I've kept all the colors corresponding to their related area but I've alternated sequence. I've began with yellow at the navel and it's as though I am supercharging my body while inhaling the light. I bring the light in through there and then feed it to all of the other areas individually in normal sequence. I do not begin to be so overly focused with my third eye until it's time and all "chakras" are linked.

Most of the time the result is little more than relaxation and hightened awareness. This morning though I had the most brilliantly colored completely terrifying and extremely peaceful message from my subconsious that I could have hoped for.

Essentially I was present in the home of my subconscious (sC from here). It was a small home at the base and this extremly large building top space invisible from ground level. I was invited in for a bit where I saw sC - he was wearing a black shirt and black tuxedo. His face was pale and he stood approximately four and a half feet tall. There were visions of long hall ways with doors on both sides and he allowed me to do a bit of exploring.

Each time I opened a door (about twice) he stood on the other side. The first time standing behind a seated woman. Without expression he brutally murdered the woman by hitting her on the head with a large metal hammer.

To be blunt that was disgusting and made me extremely uneasy.

The second time the room was dimly lit with a line of six women on the other side. As soon as I opened the door sC looked at me without expression and closed it.

I noticed that there was a light that went through the building from an outside perspective when he hit the woman with the hammer. Later on I was outside completely and noticed the structure because of the light bouncing down the hallways (through the building).

Quite a few more visions, more like flashbacks, of the murder I had witnessed... he made me watch it until I realized the woman was a metaphor for my feelings.

When I came to terms with that I found myself waking up in a bed at the base of a tree. I was awoken by the Sun unfolding itself as it rose into the morning sky so extremely fast that it was indeed alarming.

I sat up in my bed and I noticed coming toward me was a bubble. As it came closer it was roughly 3 feet in diameter and inside was a metalic like shiny rainbow colored carp. By the time the bubble arrived to me I had spontaneously relocated to standing in front of a large white house with huge pillars in the front. The bubble floated past me with the fish doing a swim like motion. It hit the building, burst, and the carp hit the ground flipping and flapping as fish do.

I looked at the sun, puzzled, and immediately became conscious of physical reality.

Anyway... it was interesting - if I were able to put something like what I saw on film, man... people would have nightmares. ;)
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