mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

my kind of tea party

ry: dude
ry: we went to el fenix for lunch today
me: wha
me: oh yeah?
ry: and I was explaining regular tea v sweet tea to the cow-orkers
me: haha
ry: one ordered sweet tea
ry: the other ordered regular tea
ry: and the waitress didn't blink
ry: it was awesome
me: rofl
ry: so yeah, I've got an army working on this now
ry: heh
me: i was hassled at burger street just yesterday about that again
ry: one waiter at a time
me: hahaha
me: that's fucking bad ass
ry: but the three of them were like hell yeah
ry: regular tea

Thanks to revwry for furthering our cause.

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