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Just found out Murphy Morris is in Dallas. Wow.

When I woke up this morning I happened to look directly at my technical analysis book by Murphy the very first thing... like the first object I saw of the day. I actually noted it to the degree that I thought about how one really can't deny that he brought a hell of a lot of the pieces of the puzzle that were scattered about together with his writing. Almost a hero of sorts to me oddly.

He's on CNBC all the time as he brings in the very under mentioned world of chart analysis for the markets. He always has a great perspective, deeply knowledgeable, and can explain the most abstract concepts quickly and efficiently. Long story short, the guy is a badass.

I need to remember that... hmm.

I got a postcard from the company that develops the charting software I use. I found out they have paired up with the data feed that kicks ass so much and that I've been wanting to sign back up with to bring in data for cycles proggy. Even better is the software company has changed their model to add an alternative subscription plan where the latest version of their real time software package is paired up with the data feed. You don't have to outright the purchase of the software anymore. That is so absofuckinglutely incredible. Plus, since I'm a registered subscriber, I even get a discount.

The software includes all kinds of features. If the rt version is able to simultaneously maintain calculation of multiple time frames I am so jumping on it. I know for certain that it allows you to configure so that you can receive an email or page alert. It also of course allows system tests... again, if multiple? Further testing and automation. *this close within reach*

I went and saw K-pax today, good movie... ok ending. I've lately been really hard on movie endings lately. I mean, I'm not looking to feel warm and fuzzie or anything but ya know, seal the deal for cryin out loud. Put a bow on that present. Wrap up the package. put the cork in the wine, sharpen that pencil, and give me a good ending or at least one that fits the movie. btw-not carried away, waking you up. 8) All kidding aside though... Call me an asshole hahaha got you. but I want my 1.5 to 2 hrs that I spend staring at a wall with reflecting light bouncing at me complete.

PGR (project glcogenic regulation haha). I'm doing really well with it. It's almost coming naturally infact. I hope I don't get burned out on the bit of effort and sacrifice that it takes because I'm really enjoying the overall amount of energy I've had.
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