mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

hot and sweet - the roswell way

My parents sent me a package - A case of twelve 16oz jars filled with sweet green chile relish. Oh my am I in heaven.

I picked a good day to get into the market didn't I? Nothing like a 26 point move in one trading session to welcome you back to the markets after some time off. Hopefully I can do better this time... I definitely have a better start.

Good day today- wrote the first stored procedure for sql server that I have in almost a year. I have a funny feeling it certainly won't be the last one any time soon.

PGR is still going well. Today in particular the choices came simple even though we happened into an Italian restaurant for lunch. I opted for the spinach salad there and later grabbed turkey and provolone coldcuts for mid afternoon meal.
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