mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

A year's supply of cola.

At this auction page, I learned some things.
1. A year's supply of Pepsi is 1,248 cans. (3.42 cans per day.)
2. Britney has the joy of Pepsi; the Joy of cola... btw, wtf is the joy of cola exactly. How do you know when you have it? What does it feel like? And how long does it last? Is it the result of something and is it optional? I mean I really don't want be going along and accidentally acquire the joy of cola. Could it be possible that the joy of Pepsi; the joy of cola is truly only found once someone receives an endorsement or royalty check?

These are the questions I ask!!!


3. I'm not sure that even charity would be a good enough cause to spend that much on something like that.
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