mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

diamonds are made from coal

I got a chance to talk to Char tonight. About to graduate, go to grad school. So many cool things going on for him yet two very sad tragedies surrounding the recent past loosing close friends. I admire his intelligence, his will, his wisdom for any age let alone his. Literally the only person in my family that is relatively stable, amazing considering what he's gone through. The only person in my extended family that I stay at all in touch with.

His father committed murder and has been in and out of prison from that to drug trafficking, he found his mom dead from a heroin overdose when he was barely a teenager. He was raised by his clinically schizophrenic grandmother and was the only one there when she died if I remember right. The guy has lived more lifetimes in 22 years than anyone else I know. Putting himself through school and about to receive a degree in electrical engineering. It's not often I find role models younger than me.

"The last two people that have died I talked to within 24 hours before they did, I've been wanting to call you but have been afraid to... so if you die any time soon I'm going to have to kick your ass."
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