mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

a a a ooou ooou ooou

I know this whole eating thing is probably elementary to most people but I really find it interesting. Today I actually was able to tell when the weakness was about to hit before it actually did.

We all went out to run some errands, *acy and BuUbaa and I- they on a search for Christmas decorations, me on the search for a big plant pot for the banana plant bUb was wanting to give me.

That was interesting... the whole Christmas decorations thing. I enjoyed it but yet couldn't believe the flashbacked childhood memories. It was like I could mentally trace back through the years and see from a different perspective of the experiences... To paraphrase the vision, when I quit believing in Santa Claus. Don't get me wrong, most experiences were awesome... but I associate quite a bit of my disassociation with hope and believing in additional extraordinary occurrences through the crushing of my unreasonably high level of anticipation influenced by all of those wonderful old holiday movies that gave us warm fuzzies and happy endings. They always made Christmas seem special... Quasi-magical I guess. Anyway, I got sucked in and as a result of the results, I changed. Not for the better or the worse, the mere fact of a change. Good happy thoughts, sad thoughts, total mix but thankful for the thought stream.

Banana plant is cool. Really small at the moment but so were bUb's at the beginning of summer, now they are over 9 ft tall. Now this potted one won't get that large quite likely as it is inside, infact I have no idea how big it will get because all of this is entirely experimentation... I'm oddly excited.
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