mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

thank you but I already knew you were full of shit

If something is Orange and you want me to believe it bad enough that you end up taking time out to convince me that it is indeed orange. Do not come up to me a week later and say that it is blue.

You cannot ever predict what I will choose to place into memory (usually for those that I do not trust I place every transaction into memory) and my memory happens to be fairly good overall even considering what I have ingested over the years. Learning to walk, potty training, having my diapers changed, and all of the lies since we first met... I do remember and I know for a fact that you will never be able to lie well enough... why even try?

btw, I never cared if it was orange or blue so now you have not only lied yet again but have wasted my time twice. The tank is running empty.
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