mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

audio before video

I woke up this morning and turned the TV on to check weather. Before the picture was available as the television warmed, the voice of the broadcaster said that George Harrison had died.

Something really odd about hearing that... shattering actually.

I mean, obviously none of us escape death, and that is indeed quite honestly a good thing. However, there is nothing at all like death that tends to make me stop and think about the person and surrounding implications... including the mild ones.

I can't imagine creating the impact that the beetles did - as a group and each as individuals.

I remember the first time that I heard them. Dad had an audio cassette and as we were stopped at one of the few traffic lights where I grew up, 13th Street and Grand Ave, he put the tape in the player of his Volkswagen bus.

I was a little kid. It reminded me a lot like Sesame Street music and although I thought it was good, it wasn't until later on that I grew really fond of them.

There's a lot one could say about them, particularly the two that have passed, and never even mention their music. They were among those that seek, holders of vision, and mentors across time and distance.

Above all though it makes me think about Dad. About Mom. Although relatively young, seeing their contemporaries pass make the reality of eventually loosing them visible; reachable... in the complete hope that the inevitable will never come.

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