mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


It's Monday and I'm reflecting on the weekend. I didn't want to come to work this morning but it has gone alright.

Saturday and Sunday had a blast shopping with droybal. Two shopping malls, Target, and Satan's store... Best Buy.

I still have some shopping to take care of as I did my best to mostly scout out the perfect gifts. Nothing really caught my eye but I have an idea that I will get dad some ties (not a copout... truly needed) and mom some perfume. I would like to get them some other things but am really at a loss as to what to get.

I'm really excited to go home. I'm afraid I won't want to come back. With any luck I'll be able to make a day trip to the mountains or something. The mere possibility of big puffy clouds and actually seeing a sky full of stars makes me giddy.

On the side though I'm relatively sad about shit. I mean, not overwhelmed like I was last week but I get really down. Nothing specific, just kind of internally mopey.

I did think of something funny though, during the Friday heated convo- I said it and I've been laughing about it ever since. Quite loud in response to his, "your getting sensitive about this," my response was, "of course I'm getting sensitive dammit, I'm a sensitive guy!"

I just spoke with a resale distributor that I applied for an account to the day I got my tax ID. My account should be active this evening. Holy fuckin a, that will be my first supplier!

Excited about that but still kinda down. All in all though, considering the season, I'm doing fairly well. I think it all has a lot to do with how much family I've lost... how much family is gone... how really the only extended family I have left are the types of people that inhale large quantities of others' souls. That's fine with me though - the three that I truly have left mean the world.
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