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The dba from my last job called... amazing guy... He's the type of fellow that a guy in his 20s can look up to yet still feel his equal. He brings forceful, inspiring thoughts, ideas, and perspective to one willing to listen with a kind, caring, and insightful approach. Wise yet humble, shy yet self assured, successful professionaly and most definately in his personal life. Always a good convo with him... especially tonight... right in the middle of me giving up.

Good progress on Digital Still... the animation sequence i'm working on. I have to lay out something to layover on one of the segments and figure out a way to bring it to a close... the funniest part about all of it is how hard I'm working on it and quite likely no more than 4 peeps will see it other than myself. Thankfully I'm doin it for me. ;-)

Hopefully not another "Mad hurried search for a restroom" dream tonight... I hate waking up needing to pee. haha
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