mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

So there's this woman right, that's called me at work two days in a row. She's absolutely amazing, funny, kind, intelligent, wise, playful, and incredibly beautiful (we'll forget at the moment practically married though.)

Unfortunately the way the office is set up, all out in the open, I can't really carry on a good conversation... which sucks. I hope she knows how much she means to me.

Transformer blew up about lunch and knocked the power out. I came home to work but I IMed a coworker and found out the power had been fixed. I had the opportunity to run some errands, get a haircut, call another potential client, mom, and buu in the midst of it so it wasn't a total waste. I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff done too after I got back. After that I believe I finished all of my shopping too... that is provided the rest gets in on UPS before Friday night.
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