mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

The Economics of Beeooll: Buying Time.

This morning I woke up and things seemed a bit more clear. Not as overwhelming. Almost doable.

The weather today is fantastic. I have my sliding door open in the office, the sun coming in just enough yet not too much. I feel good.

It hit me. There is a solution to my worries.

In the event (if) I do become over extended, my fee increases until demand matches my available supply [of time]. I will indeed likely (if once again) price myself out of the reach of some opportunities. I'm noticing with those opportunities though that provided I happen to not be desperate I could handle excluding myself out of them as they normally require more resources than they are worth anyway.

With all of the feedback I'm receiving recently, work and non work related, I have no reason to believe anything but with the exception of the anticipated changes here and there that things will be stable long enough to make some advancement toward sustained stability. My fear turns into anticipation.

I forget to assert myself. I tend to completely loose sight of how much responsibility I have to myself before others in regard to time and work. Not really a surprise as there is a direct link between getting what we want and how much we give others what they want. The difficult part though is the balance and maintenance of the levels we achieve.
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