mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

I got organized and got a lot done. Much more to do though.

It feels good to be the slightest bit productive. I completed some things today that I've put off for months.

I feel like I need to go back into my shell though. It's really difficult to explain but I feel like I can't open my mouth without putting my foot in it at the moment. Almost that I would be once again better silent. I prefer being silent... it's just, well, I've had a huge rush of energy recently from being productive... and being scared. It's so fucking weird.

This is somewhat random but I noticed today that a thought stream included how much I enjoy being single because of the availability of time, energy, and regard that a relationship with another would require. I'll be damned if I wasn't checking out the tits on the woman in the Porsche driving next to us within 15 seconds of that observation. Twisted.

A sushi restaurant with a lunch special is a dangerous place considering the people I work with... damn them although it was good.
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