mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


Today it has snowed more than I have ever seen without it sticking. It's been tremendously wet and when it freezes, it's going to be one big fucking mess.

Have you ever known someone that all you had to do was picture them and it brings disgust? I know internat has the soul crusher. I mean... this isn't a hate, oddly there is much to appreciate about them. It's more of a complete repulsion by their usual lack of respect for absolutely everything around them. Not sure why that came up. Anyway...

So I was standing, talking to one of my coworkers - yep, at work. We had discussed fungus previously on several occasions. Today though, they tossed a q-oz of boomers out on the desk. I was rather surprised and come to find out, they brought them for me. Upon close inspection they happen to be the best looking I personally have ever seen... I am overwhelmed and grateful... not to mentioned still rather surprised.

Today went a hell of a lot better. I ended up getting to sleep earlier and overall was in a much better mood. I need to get out of the habit of staying up so late on weekends. Although yes, I'm normally busy with something, I'm not productive enough to compensate for the fatigue... at least normally that's the case.
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