mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Faith Kills: I've got to walk the dogma.

I'm all about people believing what they want to believe... as long as they are thinking more than they are believing. Today I heard an incredible story that reinforces the need, once again, for one paying attention to what they are being fed.

My mom has a friend who's mother had stomach surgery. Long story short, it came to the point that the lady needed a blood transfusion and my mother's friend contacted the deacon of the church. The deacon essentially said that blood transfusions are not allowed and so because of this, one was not made.

The lady died.

I feel strongly about this. From the angle that they have every right to believe it and act in accordance with their beliefs while also at the same time dumbfounded that someone could subscribe to a foundation belief set that so apparently rips out the essence of life's nature to do what it takes, in this case employ technology, to sustain itself and grow.

Bottom line is that the only thing separating this religious organization from a cult group is a federal tax classification.
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