mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


A lot going on, excited about Saturday.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Willie Nelson concert at Billy Bob's... home of the mechanical bull, to a coworker. Within 15 minutes, he and another coworker bought 12 tickets to go see him. Turns out, everyone in the company is going.

Today the Pres was debating on whether we should rent a limo or not so we could all get sauced and not worry about the long assed drive back. I've already warned everyone that I plan on taking the first pack of orange zig zags I bought after moving to TX in hope of getting them autographed.

If all of the above seems to be a strange combination - Willie, Billy Bob's, the entire company, a limo, and my hopefully to be autographed orange zig zags, well, it is... but I can guarantee it will make one fucking awesome chapter title in the big book of beeooll.

Things are all right, staying busy...
Survival of the fittest.
Screw the sales pitch, give me a price list.

"That means the world to me."

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