mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

technology and group sex

I turned my head as I handed over my card, feeling part of my being tear away. Lord help me as I have cellular - just in time for tomorrow's cluster fuck.

Speaking of cluster fuck, I woke up with the two times that I was in a potential group sex scenario on my mind. One time was one woman and six men, the other time was one woman and three men. Each had different women, two of the men were the same, and both times blank, deer-in-the-headlight looks were exchanged by the men after the woman's semi proposition. Neither time did anything ensue but relative discomfort and uneasiness... which is honestly ok.

So, back to the cellular. On my way home after committing the infraction against my peace, every single individual that I looked at walking, driving, whatever, was on the phone. I can feel my eventual rant on displaced attention festering.

The bright side of all of this is the sprint $50 rebate, the $100 best buy gift card (something to do with someone fucking up and me not wanting a free dvd player), both eventually making the phone free. Also, in almost a poetic beginning to this adventure, my first billing period will end on April 1.

Now I am hip hop.
I must start saving my bling bling for ice.
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