mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

market psychology and the stuttering texas fruit dude

This guy walks into the office selling fruits and vegetables... no, this isn't a joke and there won't be a punchline.

Everyone looks down at him as he's doing his best sales pitch. He stands there holding a cardboard soda case bottom full of fruits and vegetables.

I ask him about his citrus because I've been a citrus fiend lately. He gives me his humble pitch as he slices open a freshly picked grapefruit. Everyone stared at me as I took a bite out of it.

I asked anyone if they were interested in splitting a mix box with me. Fab Fi was more than up for it... not too surprised since he's a vegey hardc0re. Then Q, out of nowhere, decided that she wanted an entire box to herself.

Not dogging on Q but if I remember right, something very similar happened a couple of weeks ago with concert tickets... just observing and learning, that's all.
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