mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

SC attit a gain

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke just long enough to write a dream down. This morning I had forgotten about it and noticed the paper as I was leaving for work. Here is what I scribbled:

Yellow towel then blanket then towel
Little dogs barking loudly
friend /ex coworker and group of pple
water, hot tub, moat
wood - broken bridge, nails, planks
residential neighborhood


THE0ENFORCER: last night
THE0ENFORCER: we were in a sauna type place
THE0ENFORCER: you were in this dream... getting in this hot tub..
THE0ENFORCER: and i was looking for a yellow towel
THE0ENFORCER: then a yellow blanket
THE0ENFORCER: there was a lot of water
THE0ENFORCER: and... some other pple were there
THE0ENFORCER: and then i jumped this broken wooden bridge in a residental section to hunt for my yellow towel
THE0ENFORCER: almost forgot the little doggies barking
THE0ENFORCER: anyway.. thats the jist
lo: haha mm
lo: residential section of what?
lo: a neighborhood?
lo: or a sauna?
lo: haha
THE0ENFORCER: neighborhood
THE0ENFORCER: but off i went to find my yellow towel
lo: haha why?
lo: were you nekkids?
lo: or is this like.. a towel you grew up with?
THE0ENFORCER: not nekid... swimming trunks
THE0ENFORCER: no one nekid...
lo: did we chill like the old days?
THE0ENFORCER: just lookin for me yellow towel
lo: or was i just.. there in the background? :[]
lo: haha
lo: duod
lo: i didn't want to tell you this
lo: but..
lo: i had the yellow towel
lo: i was sitting on it in the water
THE0ENFORCER: asshole!
lo: i'm sorry dood
lo: but we all wanted to see you jump that bridge
THE0ENFORCER: and almost cut my finger?
THE0ENFORCER: you sadistic bastard
lo: well... we knew since it was a dream it wouldn't hurt for long :[]
THE0ENFORCER: awww *warm fuzzies*
lo: :-*
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