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mortality cartographer's Journal - Day

Monday, September 16, 2002


"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is
something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."
.Albert Einstein

9:14PM - a day in the life of a mammalian bottom feeder

Single white male in search of fly honey with they junk in da' trunk.

I enjoy computers, video games, smoking pot, and getting' freaky. You like interior decorating, saving money, giving oral pleasure, and keeping my tea glass full.

Some people say that opposites don't attract, I think we'll prove them wrong. You must be willing to sign a prenuptial agreement.

--- snip ---

In brief (without line breaks or excessive periods):
Today rocked because for some reason, I'm seeing humor in just about everything. I won the office football pool again (I think they are getting annoyed since I hate sports and they live for them). Nothing was too out of the ordinary at work - changing the distribution package and some other cool stuff for the main app so having fun with that. Just finished a prototype for the contact management bridge to ms outlook and it's so nifty. I actively remind myself these days when working on something, "keep it simple." So far it's works. The computer components in my wish list have together dropped over a hundred bucks in the week and I can't figure out how. There's this homeless guy that shaves in one of the bathrooms of the building at work. You walk in and he immediately says hello and starts to tell you about how his social security hasn't come in and that he's in between jobs. Last time I asked him about four times if he was funna sue and he said yes. I would have asked what he was funna do with they sue money but I couldn't keep a straight face. One thing I like about living here is that, because of the area of town I work in, I see something every single day that I would have never seen, ever, back in NM. I don't necessarily ever like what I see but there's always a fucking surprise just waiting around the corner. Felt just called. Haven't talked to him for months. He's planning on fighting in a tough man competition in Arizona. I would put money on him to win. Talk about opposites, he and I would define opposite but it's always good to hear from him.

Whew... That was difficult...

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