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mortality cartographer's Journal - Day

Saturday, January 20, 2007

11:00AM - just say "baaaaa"

I would like to see Hilary Clinton be president as much as I wanted GWB to be president for his second term and almost as much as I had hoped for us to go to war with anyone "because of 9/11."

Her announcement had more embedded commands and jedi mind tricks than an entire book on persuasion.

She represents the very same evil of anyone who seeks power- she doesn't care about the duties of the office, she's pretending she does because that's what you have to do to convince others to raise you in.

My biggest beef with this democratic congress is the manner in which they are celebratory and making their little partisan changes, when in truth, the reasons they were elected was to nullify bush and to fulfill their promise of getting us out of Iraq.

Nothing more. Just stand in the way of bad decisions... don't bother making your own with shit like minimum wage and all of that nonsense. Legalize grass if you want to but please don't make me pay any more than I already have to for rediculous social program slop.

We're sending more people over there, last I heard. Someone, or a whole lot of someones, are failing miserably at their jobs.

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