mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

a random glance-by act of horoscope plagarism

Somebody may be a little too harsh in their judgments -- or at least it may sound this way. Set the tone by dealing with that bothersome person in a way that is both forthright and sensitive. Admit your mistakes, but acknowledge the motives on both sides of the table. You're not perfect, but you're willing to work with what has been laid before you. Revealing this side of yourself shows that you're a rational, reasonable person.

You've let yourself be tied down long enough. Now's the time to begin hashing out plans that will involve going somewhere you've never gone and seeing things you couldn't have imagined. Love will lead the way if you're willing to follow.

Be careful not to spend all of your paycheck on a CPU upgrade, Aquarius. Your credit card could be on its last breath. Save the large purchases for next month.
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