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mortality cartographer's Journal - Day

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10:55AM - Ch-Change.

I almost logged this last night but was trying to knock out some code.

One of the more amusing things to me about candidates across the board is the interchange that goes something like this:

"Senator/governor/congressman/candidate, the American people are saying they want change. What can you do to insure that you will provide that change."

The candidate then goes on a rhetorical wild goose chase on how they're "the agent of change" and represent change and have a long history of bringing about change as if bringing in a little change is exactly what the country needs...

...regardless of whatever the fuck the change is.

No thought to it- not a single candidate from either party ask, "in what regard" or anything to quantify or qualify. Their eyes instead go manic and in a thought-sprint, spew out their best sales pitch on change and how they can rack some up.

Then, this morning, I read this from last night's interview of Dr. Ron Paul on Leno:

"I think the American people want change," said Paul, who by opposing most federal programs is arguably the candidate of most change. "So everybody gets up and says, 'I'm for change. I'm for change.' But the whole thing is, is what kind of change? You know, right now whether you like Republicans or Democrats, does foreign policy change? No. Does monetary policy change, and are they going to even talk about it? Does fiscal policy change? No. We elect the conservative Republicans, and they make the deficit worse than the rest. Yeah, the American people are tired of that. They want real change. And to me, that means the only significant change we ought to have is get enough people in Washington that read the Constitution, obey the Constitution, do only the things that we're allowed to." link

I love that man.

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