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mortality cartographer's Journal - Day

Friday, March 14, 2008

1:13AM - well rounded

Happy Pi Day. Celebrate.

10:09AM - how gas has become like watered down wine

The news last night was talking about gas prices.

They didn't make any correlation what so ever to the money-from-thin-air move that the federal reserve pulled out of their ass "behind the curtain" on Tuesday. They only showed people looking at gas pumps and gas station price signs with their jaw gaping open and shrugs of "uhh.. i don't know."

Gas isn't the problem. The catastrophe is with the dollar.

In five minutes or less, anyone can understand this fundamental of macroeconomics (if not most all of them).

It's really that simple.

Here, let's give it a shot:
Your dollar is a dollar only because someone says so and the more of them they make, the less each one is worth.

On Tuesday, they made more money (pumped more into a failing economy) and that caused you to need more of whatever it is in your pocket to buy stuff.

It's like having a really great bottle of wine and way too many guests. Watering it down does nothing for anybody. While, in fact, watering down your kick ass wine wastes the wine while the best thing to do is keep things corked until the crowd leaves.

Why are they watering down the wine (read: diluting the currency)? Well, they don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable (read: shitty economy).

Too late.

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