mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

they just get worse: mommy, why is he so intense?

anger is the gift
the gift that keeps on giving
eventually you have to ask though
is that really what you want

issue with love
uncomfortable compassion
stretching and reaching
for relative console

if dreams come

reality goes

and what will be
no one can know but see

all of our pie from the sky
we will eat until we die
our choices wished to limit
to the grocer's freezer case


and pain for not using
the tool

instead choose to be abusing

wasting time


what we wish
what we want

how dare our dreams have
in our complacent search
for instant gratification
and installation of

ego the destroyer
the magnificent toyer

of the will of man and how he begins
to the depth of despair
and inability to ascend
what he may or may not ever


speck of dust is your worth

but it is up to you
to see it as blue

change it all
but first
you must change you


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