mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

are you listening?

Around 11am this morning I had the sensation of a significantly increased serotonin level... to the point that it was very much like the first few moments that ecstasy starts to kick in... right about the moment I have no choice but to rock back and forth and rub the sides of my head out of the intense desire to feel my hair move so that I can keep one foot on the ground so to speak.

yeah, fucking odd...

but oh my fucking god was it cool... even more amazing was being able to notice it, recognize it, and know exactly what very foreign from every day at work experience I was having while completely sober.

What caused it? I think it correlates to this time of year, why the onset of April brings so much change for me, the essence of intuition... light.

I've been doing an immense amount of light work the past few days in my meditations. I've discussed at length in previous posts the validity of chakras as symbolism. It's about giving attention to representative areas of ones body so that one can transcend that which drags us down in the physical.

I have a really bad habit of charging all of them up, particularly the third eye since that is by far my favorite (go figure) and not releasing the energy that I visualize.

Visualize... none of this is real. But seeing it makes it just as real as everything else.

A few nights ago I went through the Reiki-esque drilldown of draining and then brought in the imaginative big guns to charge them up.

Just writing about this brings the elation which I have to hold back tears. Literally, that's my first reaction - the happiness is so fucking intense that I want to cry. And then there's the part of me going, umm... wha?

Anyway, so what does light have to do with it?
Everything pineal. I fucking love that gland.

--- addition
that may also have been a component in waking up effortlessly this morning too.
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