mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

frazzled by stupid shit

Standing and looking, thinking about everything, the voice inside reminded me to listen to my thoughts because I could very likely learn from them.

They stack them tall because air is less expensive. Perception of the few is what get's them more than many.

Too much attention toward fear gives less power to one's choices.

Patience is the most important asset I have... when I use it. I need to remember.

The only material items that I want, I can write off as a business expense. Although I need them, I can wait just a bit longer.

I need to plan better. I need to describe my goals in detail so that they are easier to see... that is what gets me to them each and every time.

In all of my stretching, I am overlooking how close I am to reaching one of my most important goals. Transition of financial debt away from a consumer focus.

My fear serves no purpose. It isn't preventative... it doesn't help me see clearer. I can't use it to create change as well as I can with frustration. I must demand from myself that I distil my fear into a state that increases ability, action, or efficiency.
Just like I did with anger.

I had a dream last night that I was eating dinner with the company pres. I was attempting to describe memetics and this particular quote that I read that helped me change my view on life and the time given to me. He interrupted me to discuss sports.


"In Level 1, we do not understand the world and consequently fear it. In Level 2, we replace the fear with understanding. The price of understanding is limits. Our approximate models of the universe are never completely accurate, never useful in all situations.

In Level 3, we start with a vision of what we want to create. From there we choose our models. Sometimes a chosen model may seem insane to the other inhabitants of the little patch of space-time we happen to occupy. No matter. Men with a vision of goodwill have often looked insane in times of mistrust and scarcity. But in Level 3, we realize that the universe is not a maze to be navigated; it is a baby to be brought up. When we give it love, clarity, and opportunity, we raise a child to be a joyful, giving, successful adult. This is the opportunity we have to farm our little patch of space-time."
Richard Brodie
June 1999
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