mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

scrotum skin palms

I had the craziest dream last night. It was odd yet amazingly beautiful with all of it's extremely vivid colors.

Part I.
My coworkers and I were by a lake in the night. I stood quietly as they talked and there was a large wooden log that a few of them were sitting on. Headlights from our parked car were shining on us.

A man walked up and asked if we had any spare cash after he talked for a moment. I brought out my wallet while thinking that I would give him a dollar or two if he wasn't asleep. I looked in and saw that I had two ones and eight twenties. Began to pull out the ones and looked over to him. He was face down and snoring. I looked at my boss and he had a look of disgust. We all got in the car and left.

Part II.
I found myself sitting on the entry steps to an outdoor restaurant. One man in a tan colored suit sat with his back to me and there were only a couple more tables with anyone at them. Sitting there, I began rubbing my hands together- fascinated by the texture. It felt soft and bumpy but it began to peel. I could feel an energy generated by my slow motion back and forth. When I began to see the glow, I pulled my hands apart and a small lit glowing plasma-like ball slowly left my hands and moved in the direction that I looked. It collided with the under side of a chair and popped like a soap bubble. I played with the glowing orbs for a while and then I looked behind me.

Lobzsay was wearing a yellow snorkel mask while standing at the ATM. He had a giant water gun filled with foam. He hit the ATM a few times and then ran down the street. He came back running, holding the hand of a girl, also running, with a water hose in her hand. He pointed at the ATM and she began to spray it with the water. As she sprayed, he shot the machine with foam. I stood there perplexed, he noticed me and demanded that I video tape it.

The moments where I sat and rubbed my hands, I came so close to identifying the dream state... so close that I actually asked myself why I couldn't see that it was a dream.
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